Throwing the perfect party…


I love this picture of Steve surveying the empty tables and chairs after set up on Sunday.  It reminds me that EVERYTHING matters when it comes to Sunday mornings at actionchurch.

It also reminds me of what it takes to throw a great Holiday party.  The food has to be right.  The decorations need to be right.  Great music?  Check.  All the preparations matter.  Don’t forget the invitations.  Make sure all the details are perfect…and in the end…what makes a great Christmas party is something intangible.  What makes a great party is the interaction between the guests.  It’s everyone feeling welcome…it’s spontaneous…it’s fun.

Everything matters on Sunday mornings at actionchurch.  We want the music to be “perfect”.  Jerry, Steve,  and the Bands work hard to make that happen.  The food…oh yeah, thanks you Maple donuts for your crispety goodness. Thank you Michele and Mercedes for your attention to detail when it comes to setting up the lobby each week. I doubt anyone could guess how many hours go into making Sunday mornings graphics and teaching seem “spontaneous” and “fun”.  The set up crew works to make sure every detail is perfect.  (Don’t believe me?  Just try to put one of the chairs in the wrong place” :-) The actionkidz team works hard during the week to prepare an amazing hour for kidz…then on Sunday morning they work to create an amazing environment in a Garage stall. Seriously.actionkidz-entrance  And in the end…others work equally hard to tear it all down and put it away for another week.

Every week we try to throw a perfect party.  And everything matters.  But in the end what makes someone new connect with actionchurch is probably the same thing that makes a Holiday party “perfect”.  It’s the combination of careful preparation by the host…and meeting new folks and “old friends”  who are approachable and pleasant to hang out with.    Ever been to a “stuffy” and awkward party at a great venue?    What “makes” the party, are the party-goers.

Just two more opportunities this year to “throw the perfect party”. Everything matters…but more importantly…EVERYONE matters.

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