Tacky Christmas Crap for Jesus


Last year we started the “long standing tradition” of decorating the stage at club 19 at Christmas.  Now we need your help.  I know we usually ask that you bring only the best items when we give stuff away to others.  (The coats we have been donating to the kids of York city elementary are all new…or “like new” condition.)   Consider this an exception.  

We need your tackiest Christmas lawn crap for the stage.  The stuff your grandma stopped using in 1986.   Not modern inflatable stuff…but the great tacky Santa’s and Jesus’ from the past ,made from enough plastic to melt down and create a new prius. 

So if you have one of these:Blowmoldchristmas

Or especially some of these:blowmoldnativity

Let us know. info@actionchurch.com    Search Grandma’s attic over thanksgiving.  Steal one out of your neighbors yard. :-)  (Just kidding…I DO NOT want an officer coming Sunday to recover stolen property during the sermon.) We’d like to give your treasure from tacky Christmas’ past a starring role on the actionchurch stage. 

And, If you are offended because you have a yard full of the stuff pictured above every year-  we’re sorry.  We’d like to borrow a few…but we are truly sorry…for your neighbors.

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