Had a cool meeting yesterday with Josiah our “Chief Creative Officer”  (and great lover of quotation marks) and Jerry our newly appointed “Rock n Roll Czar” about what we need to do as a team to make actionchurch more effective in sharing the Good News of Jesus with people who “don’t like church”. 

Even though most of the “wisdom” and “deep thought” shared by the three of us is Copyrighted, top secret, and “off the record” :-)  I wanted to share this one conclusion that I walked away with. 

  As a church we are starting to make assumptions-and we must stop making them NOW.

We will not assume that “everyone” knows about actionchurch.  We need to be more proactive in marketing and spreading that news.

We will not assume that “everyone” who attends on Sunday mornings knows how actionchurch “works”.  We need to get back to sharing the story and vision of who we are and where we are heading on a weekly basis.

We will not assume that the things that we have done successfully up to now will work in the future.  Nothing is off limits to change except the Gospel and our mission and identity as a church.   Everything else is on the table…

I’m really excited about what the future holds for actionchurch…and REALLY thankful for ALL of the great Crew that make it possible. 

Can you think of any “assumptions” that we overlooked?

2 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. I feel the quote that Action Church portrays, “people who don’t like church” is a little too presumptuous. My family attends Action Church because we find it too be very unique it isn’t that we don’t like church. We feel that Action Church is a very encouraging place for non-believers, not to assume that there aren’t Christians who attend as well. Also are there any assumptions made about having more opportunities to place your trust in Christ at Action Church?

  2. Good point…It points out the “general ridiculousness” of the Idea of a “church for people who don’t like church”. :-) If NO ONE actually liked church there would be NO ONE showing up to make it happen. Why we (and other churches we admire) use the phrase is that it reminds us that we (who may well enjoy church) chose to focus on those who would not chose to attend church and hear the good news of Jesus. As committed followers of Jesus at actionchurch we are much like the parents at Chuck E Cheese…we chose to go to an environment that is NOT optimal for us…NOT serving us…but out of love for our kids we pay the bills and put up with the noise :-) Thanks for loving others enough to be a Chuck e Cheese parent.