No Doubt?


Sunday will be a “very special edition” of actionchurch.  (Kinda like when Saved by the Bell had a special episode about eating disorders…but completely different) :-)  

This Sunday will be completely devoted to dealing with Doubt.   We will not be learning how to “ignore” doubt, or “shout down” your doubt, or trying to “explain away” or answer everyone’s doubt.  We won’t try to distract everyone away from their doubts and fears with a rah-rah “our God is bigger than your God” pep rally.  We won’t “attack” doubters or idolize the “faithful”.

 Instead, Sunday will be about living with the very real…and very normal…thing we call “doubt”.   Josiah and I will be sharing some of our doubts.  We’ll be looking at some famous “doubters” in the Bible.  (Did you know that history states that the apostle with the infamous “doubting Thomas” nickname went on to spread the Gospel a greater distance geographically than any of the other “non-doubting” apostles?)  We’ll end with a story about a man with very real doubts…well founded doubts…doubts that most of us share today…and what happened when he came face to face with Jesus.  Unlike the “very special” Saved by the Bell episode..this one’s probably not going to turn out like you expect…

saved by the bell

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