Relay '09


Phote Relay 08′ by Ashley Z

Relay for Life starts 4pm this afternoon at York School of Technology (directions).   Got questions?  (go here)   Still need more info?  (   Don’t miss being part of the action.

Today makes me think of Relay 07′.  Two years ago was the first Relay for actionchurch.  Ironically, even though we signed up as “team actionchurch” there was really no “church” yet…just two families…a new black tent with our new logo on it…and some freshly printed t-shirts.   I still remember that event.  I remember not having answers to hardly ANY of the questions people would ask.

“Where are you going to have your church?”    I don’t know.

“What kind of building will you have?”   I don’t know.

“Who’s going to come to actionchurch?”   I don’t know.

“Is actionchurch a ‘REAL Church’,   or a band?’   ( I think I answered “church” to that one but in the back of my mind it did make me think that if no one ever came to the church at least we could use the tent and the t-shirts to start a band)     :-)

The only question I could really answer was,  “Why would a church be part of Relay for life?”   I could answer that question because it seemed simple to me.  The POINT of being a church  (especially a church called actionchurch) is to serve those who hurt in our community.   To give…and not just take.   To offer a hand to others…instead of just asking for a “hand out”.  

Two years later so much has changed.  (I can actually answer peoples questions about where we meet each week-and who comes to actionchurch).  Team actionchurch has become a very useful part of Relay for Life in York County.  More volunteers with cool black a/c  t’s than I can probably properly thank will serve the event.  But one thing remains the same.  One thing keeps us coming back each year.   We still believe that the point of church is “SERVICE”…not just to “Serve-us”.  Thank you all! 

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