After 233+ years, why the Church failed

GM dealership & the church

The following article was recently posted on a website called Daily Finance. I believe it also applies to our American church. You can take time to read it on your own, but here is the breakdown:

After 101 years, why GM failed

1. Bad financial policies

2. Uncompetitive vehicles.

3. Ignoring competition.

4. Failure to innovate.

5. Managing in the bubble

Don has said it before that our domestic car market is a great, but sad metaphor for the Church. We the church haven’t declared bankruptcy yet, but we ARE failing. All of these are reasons that GM & the church are failing. The only one I would change above would be #2. One word, Laziness.

If I had THE answer on how to stop the church from failing, I’m sure a lot of churches would be willing to pay me (bad financial policies?…) a pretty penny. If you want to read more, check out Don’s post from literally a year ago yesterday (prophet?) on this very topic… Evangelicals and GM

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