Sunday Recap: Service/Serve us?


This week we discussed we discussed one of the central questions of the church.  Is the church’s main purpose to “serve us”? Or is the purpose of the church “service”?  ( by service I mean serving others, not just having church meetings for members.)  Yeah, we handle tough subjects even on holiday weekends…

At the heart of the question is whether salvation is a “free gift”…or if there are “strings attached”.   If “believing in Jesus” or “having faith” will get us to heaven…why should we do anything but believe and have faith?  Why should we serve others?  James says that “faith without good deeds is dead”  (read more here)   Did Jesus come to “serve us”…or to lead us to “service” for others?  Could it possibly be Both?  Is the age old argument about “Grace vs Works”…”Tastes Great vs Less filling”  one of the biggest contradictions of the Bible?  Or is it a glimpse into the loving relationship God desires to have with mankind?

If you missed it check out the podcast later this week.  Here’s some other Fun stuff that happened this weekend that you may have missed.

Torn from Red on Stage…new lineup…new songs.  I like the new sound- a lot!

A special “bonus song” by Ron Burgandy.  I can’t get “Afternoon Delight” out of my head.  I hope that song really is about Picnicking…or taking a nap…like Josiah said it was.  :-)

Even with some people traveling the great actionchurch crew dominated set-up and tear down…Thank you all so much.  You all truly demonstrate that you believe church is about “service” and not “serve-us” each week!

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