Sunday Recap: A brand new Mii


This Sunday was the first installment of “A Brand new Mii”.  We talked about how scripture  says that “anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun” 2 Corinthians 5:17.   When we become followers of Jesus we ARE  “a brand new Mii”…we don’t have to try to become”someone else”.   Just like the”Mii” from the Wii system…the “new person” we become will still be us…just a better version…a version of us able to do things we never dreamed were possible.   This week I encouraged people to do two things to experience the “Brand new Mii”   Get in the game  (actually become part of God’s kingdome plan for earth)  and   Live life in Multi-player mode.

The Highlights:

I love the committment of the actionchurch crew…maybe because most of us need to be “committed”  Garrett and Josiah rocked the “pro tennis demonstration”;.  I will be posting photos of them in full “uniform” when I get them…  I love how these guys took the concept all the way.

One of the funniest things I saw was Garrett standing in the lobby as people came in in his “tennis outfit” (including shorts and argyle socks)…and no one even acted surprised.  Just another day at actionchurch.

I forgot to wear my crew tag…I’ve never done that…ever. 

No snow…but we were down in attendence.  Maybe people heard that Josiah was going to have some seriously short shorts on…  just sayin’…I know I was uncomfortable.

They gave away rubber snakes in actionkidz  (They were talking about Adam and Eve)…Reagan’s been smacking me with it…thanks Susan!  :-)

Next week they asked if they could have a real boa come in actionkidz…I said yes.  I’m sure that will turn out fine.

Loved the Eminem intro this morning…love that song!

A couple of new songs from Get a life today.  The Guys can go from hangin’ out to jumpin’ around on stage in about two seconds.   Lotttts of energy!

Cool stuff coming up in the next two weeks… hint for all you blog readers…we don’t have a place “to store”the Wii system we are using for this series…we may just have to give it away in a couple of weeks….

Got some response  cards from people who want to be part ot the action “underground”…yeah

If you are a follower of Jesus you have no idea!  what you are capable of…go do something crazy for Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: A brand new Mii

  1. Nate and I would be willing to take the wii off your hands :D haha
    and boy am I sorry I missed all that. instead I was home taking care of my incapacitated sickly husband. but we’ll be there this sunday