Sunday Recap: At the movies "Elf"

Yep, that’s a lighted reign deer and Santa on stage :-)

Today was the first day of “at the movies” (Christmas edition). I talked about how being a follower of Jesus is sort of like being a “human raised by elves”… if we actually follow the teachings of Jesus we’re still completely human (and prone to sin) and a God’s Child (So we don’t “fit” in with our old way of living). We are free from sin…not free to sin (1 Peter 2:11-17) When we mess up and lose our way we can trust God to forgive us and take us back…instead of abandoning our faith because “we’re not good enough”. God loves nothing better than to to “silence the stupid comments of foolish people” through our good works. Don’t give up…Don’t quit…even if you feel like a “misfit toy” or elf… we are on an important mission far more important than just “bringing toys to good little boys and girls”…we get to bring the good news of Jesus to everyone…with our words or actions.

The Highlights:

  • The Pledge on stage (along with about half of Wal-mart’s Christmas department) I love these guys (and Gal) they are great musicians, have great hearts, and how can you not love a band that brings a lighted animated reign deer and Santa on Stage. Great Set…and thanks for decorating my mike stand.
  • Ended up with “O Holy Night” with band playing acoustic guitars and bass, toms, and jingle bells. It was absolutely beautiful…I saw a lot of people wiping their eyes after the song…I might have been one of them.
  • Had 3 key production crew folks Josiah, Bill, and Ryan out today (traveling). Thanks to Dave for being the “inspector” and Rob, Ashley, Crystal, and Jeremy for showing up and Jumping in! You Guys really made it happen!
  • You could definitely tell Josiah was out today (even beyond the fact that he wasn’t there to “persecute” me for my denim jacket) we are still looking for a “sorcerers apprentice” for him. I can’t believe when we started out I used to run graphics…It was really difficult and we didn’t even have Josiah’ full set up online.
  • The gifts and household items are rolling in for our Extreme Christmas Makeover…remember next week is the final week to turn your stuff in.
  • Thanks to Garrett for running the stage, cueing the videos…and plugging in all the Christmas lights…all with out showering or brushing his teeth :-)
  • Packed house again this week…club 19 is definitely allowing us to grow.
  • I can recite about half of “Elf” by heart by now… Favorite line (Buddy to “fake Santa”) “You’re not really Santa…you sit on a throne of lies”
  • I know it’s SANTA that comes down the chimney…not SATAN…same letters…different spelling.
  • Thanks for inviting, investing, and getting involved! Even on a very busy, difficult week…I am grateful to be able to be part of actionchurch.

a couple more pics…

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