Extreme Christmas Makeover: Update

Status update: Sunday everyone headed for the Christmas Makeover tree like shoppers at Wal-mart after they announce that a new check out lane is actually going to open. I had people actually telling me that they “didn’t get to the tree quick enough to get an ornament.” Simply awesome! For those of you who didn’t get an ornament…hate to shop…or just want to help out in a different way…you can still be part of this opportunity to completely change one families life at Christmas.

What we purchased as a church “family”: Yesterday we purchased the “big ticket” items on the list. (Kind of like the “big” gifts at Christmas that the whole family or office chips in on). Michele was in full “shopping ninja” mode and we shuttled back and forth between Best Buy and Circuit City matching prices, waving coupons from the Sunday paper, and just generally squeezing the most value out of every purchase. Thank God for Michele’s shopping savvy…I would have got half the stuff for twice the price! We picked up a brand new GE washer/dryer set (to be delivered and installed by Best Buy on the “reveal day”) An X-box 360 with two free games, a Nintendo DS for each of the kids with a free character stylus (whatever that is), and a couple of games for the Nintendos. I still have to pick up a TV (nobody beats Wal-mart) but basically the “big” shopping is done. Is this going to be a Christmas “our” family will never forget? You betcha…

What we still need: The only items that we do no have spoken for are:

  • Small deep freeze
  • Rectangular Kitchen table and Chairs (can be used-great condition)
  • Sleeper sofa/Day bed for the living room (mom sleeps there)
  • Kitchen Cart/Bakers rack (Can be used-great condition)

Wow I just realized that I am listing 4 things we DON’T have yet…instead of this list from last week! I love it!

“Reveal” Day: 12.20.08 Bridge of Hope Volunteers will be have arranged for our family to be out for the day. They will place all the presents and household items in the home (The family has no idea that we are doing this so they will be completely surprised!)

What Can I do?: If you have an ornament please purchase your item and return it to the tree (with ornament attached). December 14th will be the last Sunday before the family will be receiving their gifts. I forgot to mention on Sunday-check the back of your ornament for additional descriptions of the items needed. Didn’t get an ornament or just want to do more? Please donate to actionchurch to be part of purchasing the appliances and electronics that we will be donating to our “adopted family”.

Thanks to everyone for being part of this opportunity to completely change a deserving family’s life at Christmas. “Extreme” generosity isn’t just something you see on Television…

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