York Fair Volunteer "Conmandments"

(I’m not sure why I am writing this post in King James English…it just seems more “commandment-ey“)

    1. Thou Shalt enter through Gate number two off of Richland Ave…unless thou wish to wonder “40 days and 40 nights” in the wilderness of York Fair.

    2. Thou Shalt find the actionchurch tent on Lottery lane…next to the Jeans Funnelcake stand, across from 105.7 the X…just up from the duckies and bunnies.

    3. Thy actionchurch “free coffee tent” will begin setting up at 3:30 pm each day. We will be serving coffee from whenever the first pot is done till the stands start to close down around us (10ish) Come when you can…leave when you have too…thanks for whatever time you have to help out!
    4. If thou dost need a ticket to get into the fair…let us know. (I don’t want anyone not to be able to hang and help at the fair because they need a ticket…if you need one ask! Michele will have them at the donut table on Sunday…)
    5. Thou shalt bring a folding chair if thou wouldst like to sit…
    6. Water shall be provided…bring thy other beverages and haste to place them in the cooler.
    7. Thou shalt come prepared to make and serve coffee…Make balloons…actually inflate and tie balloons…not sure that you could actually “make” a balloon at the fair…that would be really amazing.
    8. If thou art in possession of a actionchurch T-shirt…wear it. If we still have your size one will be provided for you…(we only have a few left…so not a biggee if you don’t have a tee…we just want to put as may actionchurch tees in the tent as possible.)
    9. Thou shalt NOT accost anyone with an actionchurch invite…try to “talk people into” coming to church…etc. We are there to serve FREE Dunkin Donuts Coffee and give away free balloons. If people want to sign up for the newsletter or take an invite card they are welcome…but our main job is just to serve fair goers and carnival workers coffee…period. (We’ll leave the “free gift” bait and switch to the guys who sell pots and pans and siding…so many people “expect” to be pressured and hassled by a church…that ain’t us!)
    10. Thou Shalt have a good time…it ain’t rocket science…we actually get to work at a stand at one of the few places that has premium coffee at the fair… and we get to give it away (no strings attached) for free! How cool is that! We will have the “coolest” and only black balloons at the fair…and we get to give them away (thanks to the generous people of actionchurch) for free! Seriously come prepared to have a good (but tiring) time of serving our community…while getting to know other actionchurch folks better!
    See ya at the fair! If you have any questions feel free to email me at info@actionchurch.com

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