Sunday Recap: "txt msg" pt 2

Week two of “txt msg” at actionchurch. Great questions today on “The Supernatural: angels and demons”. I used to Revelations 12:7-9 to lay down the history and back story of the conflict between Satan and God…angels and demons. Satan is “Not Your Friend”!
Here’s the highlights:

  • “race car day” for actionkidz today. Thanks for Bob and Joan Lash for bringing out the #222 Legends car so the kidz could get their pictures taken with the car… It was great having a race car and hauler outside…somehow it just felt natural for actionchurch!
  • Chambered onstage…Really good to have Dave and Chris back (formerly of Clean Slate) they have added a new bass player (Jimmy) and are now a killer 3 peice….Great cover of “Well enough alone” by Chevelle…I really liked the new “ballad” that they debuted today. Welcome back guys!
  • wow did people have great questions today…not sure I always had great answers…but all in all I love the challenge and the interaction that this series is bringing. You can bet we will continue to explore txting and other interactive technology on Sunday mornings.
  • I managed to set off the alarm at Fat Daddy’s this morning…got to meet a really nice police officer…
  • I had a blast hanging out with my Dad at the track last night…but I was really tired this morning. I usually don’t go out on a “school night” but it was worth it to get to see Lance and the #87 Extreme Stock kick some butt on the track with the actionchurch cog on the car…loved it!
  • Good crowd again today…August is a little down from July but Summer has been really a time of growth for actionchurch
  • Set up was unbelievable today…thanks everyone…I honestly don’t even know how everything goes together anymore…with all the new help it just flys!
  • The AC was broken downstairs…and the AC thermostat for upstairs is downstairs…result: uncomfortably hot downstairs…freezing cold upstairs in actionkidz. I’m really thankful that it was pretty mild today or it would have been really unbearable.
  • My 71 year old retired Baptist Pastor Dad and Mom survived their first trip to a Nightclub… They said they enjoyed it…not sure if they were being kind or need to to adjust their medications ;-)

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