The "Good Life"..

This week is the final “episode” of actionchurch “at the movies.” We’re gonna be screening “The Bucket List”. This movie was actually the last one to “make the list” for the series because at first I was not really that enthused about it’s “message”… At first glance (and for the first hour+) it seems like the “point” is that the only things that make life worth living is adventure…travel…jumping out of airplanes…visiting the pyramids. (Sounds like a lot of fun…it just doesn’t fit into most of our lives…)

But what about the 99.9% of the “rest” of most of our lives that are not filled with adventure…excitement…not “picture postcard” worthy? Is it possible to “live the good life” on a day to day basis? Without a private jet and a chauffeur? When the most adventurous thing you’ve done lately is try something different on the menu at the Olive Garden?

I’m gonna be exploring these questions on Sunday. I hope it brings some new answers…and some new questions!

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