Ashley shot some great pictures Sunday (Thanks) and the one above of the band hanging out before church reminded me of something I have been thinking about lately. I shot the picture of one of our banners next to a Miller Lite banner on Sunday as well. I’ve been thinking that although it may look strange at first to see church advertising next to beer/nightclub signs that is really the environment that the church exists in America…

We are “competing” for people’s time on their weekend…we are asking them to come out on a Sunday morning in prime-sleeping-sports watching-hanging out-recovering from a hangover-time… We better make it “worth” their time if they are going to continue to wake up-show up-and participate. Although actionchurch may be one of the few churches to actually put our signs up next to the Miller lite signs…we’re not the only ones “competing” for a slot in every one’s weekend plans…maybe we are just one of the few that realize it.

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