Sunday Recap: Summer at the Shore (Baptisms)

Today was our first baptism day at actionchurch. I spoke briefly about the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8. Even though he had traveled many miles to worship and was reading Isaiah when Philip met him I talked about how he would never have been “fully accepted” into Judaism even if he converted…but God sent Phillip to let him know he was “fully accepted” by Jesus. I ended up by asking everyone the same question he asked: Here’s water…why shouldn’t I be baptized?

  • Six people went public with their faith in Jesus and were baptized today! Nothing could be better than that.
  • The Recovery on stage…Great set as usual…their song “more” was the perfect “period” for the baptism.
  • It was especially emotional baptising both Josh and Dwan after preaching the funeral for their little one on Friday…It’s comforting at least to know that they will be together again someday…
  • The horse trough “baptismal” worked out perfect. We were able to fill and empty it easily and it really fits the actionchurch “vibe”… I think everyone was thinking it was a lot smaller from the picture I posted earlier…
  • Great crowd again today…we have lots of people out on vacation etc…but it seems like “new faces” fill in the empty chairs every week. I had several people tell me someone had invited them…that’s how it happens..
  • June has been a financial struggle for the church…we pay rent weekly so “five Sunday” months are really tough… I know that finances are tight for everyone but we are going to need to see more financial resources come in to continue to pay the bills. I am absolutely believing that God will provide since I cannot imagine not being able to continue because of finances when so many people are hearing the “good news” and responding each week.
  • It was cool being able to “tag team” the baptisms with Jeff Compton. Jeff and Chrissy caught the vision for actionchurch before there was anything to “see”…’Awesome to see in just a few months some of the “harvest”!
  • Thanks to all the people that stay and help “tear down”! A lot of our normal “tear down crew” were out today…but everything still got put away really quickly.
  • I loved the “dunking” part of the service but I just felt “tired” and “off” speaking today… I’m not sure if the “Oh Brother where art thou” clip worked like I hoped it would either… Some weeks are like that in spite of all the hard work and expectations.
  • It’s been a tough week and Michele and I are both exhausted…but I am thankful to be just a little part of this thing we call actionchurch!

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