Sunday Recap- "The game of Life" pt. 1

Today in week one of “The game of life” we used pac man as a metaphor for the “consumer” lifestyle in America. No matter how much “stuff” you gobble up you will always be chased by the “ghosts” of debt, taxes, etc. Even when you gobble up a “payday” that makes you temporarily invincible, it is not long until you are back to being chased by the “ghosts” . Even when you get to the “next level” the pattern is still the same. I think what resonated with most people I talked to today is that Jesus doesn’t want us to “get better at the game”…the only way to win is to get “out of the game” (Luke 16)

Here’s the highlights in no particular order:

  • It goes without saying that it was a lot of fun to start the sermon by playing pac man on all the plasma screens…every “boys” dream.
  • Unsettled on stage…they simply never disappoint…started out the service with Oasis “Champagne Supernova”…”the world keeps spinnin’ round and we don’t know why”…that pretty much sums up why we are doing the “Game of Life” series. God knows “why” and wants us to be part of his plan.
  • I love preaching at actionchurch…It was great to be able to talk about money without worrying “what the leadership would want to hear” or “what people might want to hear”…I love the freedom to be able to say “what is good for people to know from God’s word”…without worrying about the consequences…
  • I am so proud of our people…we still had people signing up this week to help out at Relay…I love that our people WANT to put their compassion in action!
  • Had new people helping set up today…very cool…I am so thankful that we are gaining new “help” all the time so that we can give our crew a break occasionally…I want volunteering at actionchurch to be a “sustainable” thing that doesn’t burn people out. We are heading in the right direction…thanks to all the crew!
  • Another week of seeing the actionkidz “restructure” paying off. Jeff and Chrissy got to actually “attend” actionchurch downstairs (afters 3 hours of set-up…) and actionkidz was still happening upstairs. Thanks to all the new volunteers!
  • I am starting to see some real leadership developing…Josiah did the difficult task of telling “the boss” that something I had in the graphics didn’t look good…and fixed it! Leaders don’t just “find problems”…they have the courage to point out stuff that needs to be fixed and bring solutions…very cool. I noticed Lori has also been not only learning set up and tear down but improving the system and teaching others… So cool to see true “servant leadership developing.
  • Good crowd…good offering…I think I probably don’t appreciate enough what a miracle it is every week that people choose to show up to Fat Daddy’s on Sunday morning to hear about Jesus…
  • Lot’s of cool “money” discussions after church…
  • Ended today with the Bullet Boys cover of “For the Love of Money”…so much fun…so 1988!

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