Sunday recap…

Here’s the recap of yesterday (2.17.08) in (as Forrest Gump would say) no particular order…

  • Unsettled is not only a great band but a really good fit for actionchurch….I can’t wait to have Michael and the guys back.
  • Attendance was better than I expected…we had been told to expect about 1/2 of the launch crowd minus the help that we received from FCC. We actually had 76…
  • We were really short handed for set up but somehow managed to get set up early…Michele thinks that possibly angels are cleaning Fat Daddy’s after it closes.
  • Tear down was freakin’ awesome! Dave and Alicia and the crew from Extreme Youth Ministries literally stripped and stored the gear in a little over 40 minutes! WOW. Last week it took twice that long!
  • I had computor problems again!!! I don’t preach from notes instead I rehearse my sermon until I know it and then use the images on the screen as my cues… Without being able to change the slides myself it made it VERY tough…luckily there were no ropes or beams available after the service yesterday :-)
  • I said during the sermon that we were “Fart of God’s plan for York county” … yep it was one of those sundays!
  • Someone is giving us the computor we need to run graphics!!! We needed one so bad with all the problems we have been having but finances are really tight… It made my day to see God provide through someone’s generousity!
  • …speaking of finances, the offering was “scary low”. Last week we more than covered expenses but this week was not even a quarter of what we needed to break even. Our budget is small because we do not pay any salaries. Everything we spend is to create an environment where people who “don’t like church” can hear about Jesus… I do not want to see this whole thing end because of something as insignificant as a lack of a few dollars… peoples lives are at stake.
  • It was so encouraging not only to meet new people ,but to see several women who not only returned but brought their husbands and boyfriends with them…That is what actionchurch is all about! I love the fact that we are a place that men will attend! Yeah God!
  • actionkidz rocked as usual! I heard a parent say that their child was rushing them out of McDonalds on Sunday morning because he wanted to get to actionkidz….way to go Jeff, Chrissy ,and Shannon!
  • Everyone that filled out a survey card checked that they would like to help out in some way….That is really unbelievable…
  • The York Daily record was at the service doing a story. It should run in today’s paper. I’ll post the link when I get it. I finally got to meet Mellissa Burke who did such a great story about us in November.

…that’s a “typical” Sunday at actionchurch.

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