I don’t believe it’s possible for a song with a “message” to become popular and move up the charts unless it echoes the feelings and thoughts of a very large group of people… I think Kid Rock’s “Amen” is the anthem of the large segment of America disenfranchised and disillusioned with religion, government, and society…but still hopefully looking for a Savior. When I first heard this on 105.7 the X (where we will advertise our launch) it literally stopped me in my tracks. I have never been more certain of anything than that God is creating actionchurch to be a place to welcome the group of “searchers” that can relate to this song… Although I may have reached some different “conclusions” than those found in this song…I have certainly asked the same questions. Amen, Kid Rock, Amen.

Disclaimer: Do not watch the video if you are easily offended by language, white rappers turned rockers, fur coats, or a gratuitous display of Pontiacs.

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