Rock n Roll Jesus?

I’ve been checkin‘ out the new Kid Rock album this week… (no I don’t think “So Hott” is going to be on the actionchurch Sunday morning play list.) I’m not sure if it qualifies as “taking the Lord’s name in vain” to call yourself the “Rock n Roll Jesus”. (I’ll leave that between God and “Mr. Rock”.) I do know that in the title track when he compares himself to Jesus; he is using Jesus as a metaphor for authentic, real, savior, and leader. He even uses the phrase “because I practice what I preach”.

I love the fact that even in our “post-Christian” culture Jesus still has a very positive “reputation”. I love the fact that the religious types that will howl blasphemy and protest Kid Rock don’t have nearly as positive an image as Jesus…or Kid Rock for that matter. I doubt that you will ever see a major label debut of “Rock n Roll Evangelist”, or “Rock n Roll Preacher”, or “Rock n Roll Discernment Ministry Leader”…sorry we just don’t have the reputation for authenticity that Jesus has. Most of all I keep thinking that if Jesus were still walking the earth you could probably find him in a Waffle house at 2 am talking to Robert James Ritchie (Kid Rock’s real name)… even if punches started to fly and the cops showed up!

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