Damn the Torpedoes, Go Ahead.

It was a year ago next week that this whole journey and dream of actionchurch began. I’ll post more about that next week, but coupled with being our final day out at the York Fair it really makes me pause and reflect a bit this Sunday morning. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit surprised at how I feel this morning.

  • Michele and I are both actually sad to see our time at the fair come to a close…I really thought we would be “celebrating” that the ten days were coming to a close…we are very tired but we have met so many great people that we hate to see it end.
  • I am more hopeful and excited about God’s plan for York County then I have ever been in my life…this time last year I was discouraged, tired, and honestly losing hope in the ability of the local church to actually impact the community (in a good way at least!)
  • I feel ready to fight! The reason for the picture of the “civil war dude” Rear Admiral David G. Farragut is that he was the originator of the famous quote “Damn the Torpedoes”. When everyone thought it was too risky to move forward…he decided it was too important not to! That’s exactly the way I feel after this week! I’ve talked to literally hundreds of people: older, younger, gay, straight, single parents, families, broken, “successful”, rocker, goth, country, …whatever. Every person had a story to tell and a reason why they desperately needed Jesus and a place where his followers would accept, love, and embrace them like he would if he still walked the earth. That fires me up… and I hope it will you also! I am willing to do whatever necessary to make sure that actionchurch launches successfully and becomes the place where everyone can experience that kind of love and acceptance. It’s not that it would be interesting to start a”hip” new church in York County . It’s not that it would be “novel” or “controversial” to launch a church in a nightclub…It is absolutely clear to me that God has “planned this in advance” and it is essential that a church like actionchurch exist to welcome the thousands of people who will choose to follow Jesus! Damn the Torpedoes…full speed ahead.

Stay tuned for “ground floor”opportunities coming in the next few weeks to be a part of this movement…

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