For everyone checking out actionchurch blog for the first time, especially if you ran into us at the York fair, as my tacky gnome friend says…Welcome. (Wow, just one run-on sentence into this post and I have angered gnome-lovers everywhere!)

You’re probably wondering “what’s up with us” so I thought I’d try to answer a few of your questions. I understand why you would wonder…What is up with a Church that makes it a point to give things away without pushing tracts or literature on people…that sponsors a local race car…that will meet in Fat Daddy’s Nightclub on Sunday mornings…that uses black instead of white…that has a gear as a logo instead of a cross or a dove….what’s that all about?

There’s a reason we are different than other churches. Not because we hate them-actually we think there are some really great churches in York County! Not because we think we are “better than” other churches-read this blog long enough and you will find we think we may be the most “imperfect” church in town. Are we just trying to be “different” to stand out?-not so much. We are different because we are speaking to a different group of people than other churches-the people that do not go to church!

So who are the people that don’t go to Church that actionchurch is “geared” for: Normal people, good people. People who are don’t think of themselves as religious but have a sort of “Truman Show” suspicion that there is more to life than just what they can see. People that have been “burned” by Church. People who once considered themselves to be church goers but over time lost interest because it never seemed to “go anywhere” beyond listening to sermons. People who are experiencing everything that is “supposed” to make us happy…but still seem to be “missing” something. Messed up people. Broken people. People like you? People like me…

Welcome to actionchurch. Look around. Ask questions. Kick the tires. “Snoop” in our medicine cabinet.

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