My favorite Girl and my favorite "gear"

I love it each time our logo gets printed on some new “gear”. Reagan is “modeling” the balloons we will be giving away and the new jacket I got for my birthday. Here’s three reasons why our “cog” is more than just a sweet looking logo.

  1. It symbolizes cooperation: A gear is only useful when it meshes with other gears. That is why we will cooperate with other outward focused churches and nonprofits that “do good”.
  2. It symbolizes centrifugal force: The faster something spins the more centrifugal (outward) force it generates. The more momentum and mass actionchurch gains-the more impact we will have in our community.
  3. It symbolizes transmission of power: I don’t want to get all “auto shop” on ya, but the gears in your transmission and differential in you auto are what converts the power from the engine into motion. I can’t think of a better thing for a church to do than “transmit” the power of our creator to our community.

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