What, When, Where? …and How?

One of the first questions people have who are interested in actionchurch is “where will you be meeting?” Up to now we have had to give sort of vague, “Stay tuned, we’ll announce our location soon” kind of answer. That’s all about to change!

Since the earliest planning stages of this roller coaster ride we call actionchurch, one location has been our primary target…There have been other ideas for “backup” locations and even future locations, but only one targeted location for launch. The problem with that location is that it is a true “long shot” in every sense. It has never been rented to another organization, it will be melt-your-face controversial, and to top it off the venues owners think I am crazy to even “ask” to rent it for our new church. No matter how many times I was turned away, I could not get it out of my head that it was “our” location. I cannot tell you how many times I prayed that God would give us another location so I could get this insane idea out off my mind. God answered prayer…as usual, not in the way I thought he “should”.

This week, against all odds, the owners agreed in principle to rent “our” launch location to us! Please pray for wisdom and favor for me as I meet with them this week to finalize all the details. I cannot wait to tell you WHERE! I cannot wait to tell you the story of how God literally “opened doors” for us to rent this venue. I do not think for a second you will think that I oversold the “hugeousity” of this announcement when you hear it… It’s gonna give York county “something to talk about”!

Let’s review:

What? To forever change York County PA, by putting the teachings of Jesus Christ into “action”. To see people who currently don’t even consider Jesus to be a part of their “reality”, experience the “good news”.

When? Launching 2.10.08 (monthly “test drive” gatherings starting 11.11.07)

Where? Announcement Coming Soon!

How? God only knows. By faith. A little piece at a time… Through the generosity and self-sacrifice of people who believe a place like actionchurch should exist in York County…

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