York Dispatch Interview

I’ll be sitting down today with a reporter from the York Dispatch to talk about actionchurch and why a church would sponsor a race car. This will be my first time doing an interview of any kind so please pray for me. Part of our strategy is that “the good news should make the news”, so we are hoping that we can develop a good relationship with local media and God will use that relationship to help spread the word about our cause. So far, both local papers have shown interest in running stories about our “racing adventure.”

I’m not “nervous” about speaking to a reporter…and if you’ve read this blog for more than a minute you know I am not lacking for “something to say”. My main concerns that I am praying for are these:

  1. That God will be pleased with what I say.
  2. That I will share the cause and mission of actionchurch in the clearest and most attractive manner.
  3. That I will completely “positive” as I speak….always talking about what actionchurch is and will be…instead of talking about what other churches do not do!

Thanks for your prayers.

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