God loves a good story…

How do I know that? I read the Bible, I read history, I listen to the “stories” of other followers of Jesus. From Noah to Moses and Joshua, David to Daniel, the prophets to Jesus, so many great stories. Stories filled with unpredictable plot twists and seemingly endless, overwhelming conflict. Great stories are like that, From Martin Luther to Mother Theresa, St. Patrick to Billy Graham, their stories are great because they all overcame enormous obstacles to see God’s promise fulfilled.

I believe every follower of Jesus has the opportunity to be part of a great story! That’s God’s very best plan for each of us. The “problem” is that to be part of a great story we will also have to experience great conflict…

I have been truly blessed with great health. I have missed maybe three days of work in the last 10 years for sickness. That’s about to change. I have been feeling very tired for the last few weeks. I became really ill last Friday and started antibiotics on Saturday. Here’s the “plot twist” it now turns out that the reason I have been so run down, is that I have been walking around with Mono for the last few weeks. Like every Good story….I never saw this one coming.

I don’t know how the story will end but I imagine some day it will be told like this: “Remember when we were just beginning to launch actionchurch and I came down with Mono? It was about a month before our first event, the Relay for Life, and I was still supporting my family (and church), by working as a painting contractor. It was also about a week before we were scheduled to leave on our vacation to Disney that we had planned for years. It seemed like such a disaster at the time but it was amazing how God helped us through that time by…”

God is already doing amazing things. We are fortunate to have a “Doc”, Erik Brink, on the Launch team who has been such an answer to prayer already. I know God sent his family to us- hopefully not just to keep me breathing through the Launch process. (I think I’m joking.) Please Join us in praying for 1. Wisdom to know what can be put off of cancelled. 2. Strength to do what must be done.
I will keep you updated on this “story” stay tuned!

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