Spot light: Holy Cow Creative

I posted earlier about some great kingdom building companies who help make the dream of actionchurch possible.

I am spotlighting Holy Cow Creative today because Michael Buckingham’s artistry is an integral part of our strategy to introduce the York area to actionchurch-a place we believe they will meet Jesus.

I first became aware of his work on one of my favorite blogs Church Marketing Sucks. He is a guest blogger there and shares his abilities with churches everywhere in their (FREE) church marketing lab. Michael is an award winning designer, but was kind enough to spend nearly two months of dialogue designing our Logos and corporate “identity”. During that time I found him to be open minded enough to listen to the crazy dreams and vision of an absolute novice to marketing(ME!). I also found him strong enough to tell the same guy when he was absolutely full of crap… (my words not his.) I appreciate both qualities in a relationship.

I have seen concepts of our shirts, hats(coming soon) and window vinyls, and our logo ROCKS on all of them! I truly can’t wait to see Michaels work on a racecar! (Here’s the Link) The good new is -the best is yet to come. This summer we will be unleashing the “Holy Cow Crew” on our web design and signage… Stay tuned for details.

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