York Relay for Life

We’re going public! That’s right, our first “public display of actionchurch” will take place June 15th-16th as we participate in the York Relay for Life. This is a great opportunity to not only help our community by raising money for the American Cancer Society, but also a great way to connect with people. This is a 24 hour event. 24 hours to show that we mean business in caring for others. 24 hours to connect with people we do not know. 24 hours to “be” the good news!

I know you may be thinking that “this seems too ‘big’ to do right now”! I agree. “Too Soon”! I agree. I especially agreed when I accepted this opportunity to lead a relay team late last year! At that time our “launch team” consisted of my wife, myself, our three year old daughter, and three cats. Here’s the deal. God wants actionchurch to be a church that does things for others that are too big, too extravagant, too much! Whether we are 10 or 10,000 there is never going to be an convenient time to do good. If we want to be the church that: “cares more about doing good in the community, than looking good to the community.” We must start being “that kind of church” now!
Thanks to those of you who have agreed to walk and donate to “team actionchurch”. We need more walkers and more financial sponsors. If this sounds like an adventure you would like to be part of…contact me at info@actionchurch.com

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