Resume or Rap-sheet?

Every day, every single one of us, are building either a resume or a rap-sheet.   We’re either compiling a resume of reasons why others should hire us, trust us, promote us, follow us, date, marry, (or stay married to) us. Or, today we could be building a “rap-sheet”…a record of promises broken, lies told, dirty deals done, commitments not honored, offenses committed… a list of reasons why we shouldn’t be trusted, shouldn’t get the job, shouldn’t “get the girl”.

Because of Jesus there is hope for those of us who’ve built rap-sheets instead of resumes.   There is repentance.  There is forgiveness. There is unconditional love.  Because of Jesus you can start over, turn around,  you can be “born again”.  (That’s become an ominously religious sounding word, but it actually is an amazingly powerful concept for all of us who need a fresh start and a new identity.)   Because of Jesus the path you started on doesn’t have to be the one you end up on.  Your past doesn’t have to become your future.

Still, every day, you and I are building either a resume or a rap-sheet. Even if we pray.  Even if we go to church. Even if we trust in Jesus.  Repentance, love and forgiveness don’t change that fact, any more than the invention of aircraft and parachutes negated the law of gravity.  As we say often around actionchurch, “Forgiveness isn’t a time machine”.  Every decision, every committment, every action and every word spoken is working together to build something…

Question of the Day: Am I building a resume…or a rap-sheet?


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