Special Services

I had a great conversation yesterday with Todd Eckhart about plans for Sunday’s Easter Service.  LOVE Todd, his family, and the heart they have to reach york at Renaissance Church.  http://www.renaissancechurch.net/   We are really blessed to have them coming to provide the music Sunday.

After our discussion, I realized that due to this years growth, many of us will be experiencing our first Easter at actionchurch.  Here’s what you can expect at actionchurch on Easter, or any other Holiday:  A special service…just like every other Sunday of the year. :-)

Yes, we will be talking about the resurrection of Jesus and starting a brand new series that I can’t wait to share with you.  Yes, we will have some special surprises for actionkidz.  Yes, we’ll have great rockin’ music. Yes, we’ll have Yummy donuts, coffee, muffins and bagels at the cafe…just like any other Sunday.

What will make Sunday special, is that we are joining together to celebrate that Jesus is indeed alive.  That’s amazing!  However, we believe EVERY Sunday is a special day.  EVERY Sunday is someones first time. EVERY Sunday is potentially the first week you convince someone you care about to come along with you to church.  EVERY Sunday is important.

So, even though we won’t be having a special choir or cantata, I won’t be wearing a three piece suit or and Easter bonnet,  and I’m searching the crew members for silly string, Sunday will be a special service at actionchurch…just like every Sunday-every year.


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