Sunday @ actionchurch

It’s graduation week, so all over our area, new graduates are excitedly thinking about their plans for the future…or trying to put together a plan for the future…or wondering if they actually have a future.

All of us are bombarded with messages about what we should do with our lives.  Mom’s and commencement speakers tell us we can be “anything we can dream”.  Politicians and activists tell us we’ll “never make it” (without their help of course).  Advertisers tell us that money actually CAN buy happiness.  Media tells us that the most important thing in life is to be famous…even “Jersey Shore famous”…even five-minute famous.  Churches tell us that God “might be calling us into ministry”.

What is the truth?

Whether you just graduated this week, or you graduated when Trans Am’s with flames on the hood were the coolest car on the planet like I did, you will not want to miss this Sunday as we expose some very common lies about vocation.

“33” will be our musical guest this week,  and as always the best part of actionchurch is actionkidz.  Seriously, your kids are going to torture you all week if they miss this week of “Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop”.

Its the Last week to Sign up to walk and serve at Relay for Life.  (June 17-18).  Please join us online as we attempt to raise $1000 for the American Cancer Society in our final week before relay. It’s as simple as asking your Facebook friends or the people at work to sponsor you as you walk at Relay.  Check it out here:  (Team actionchurch)

Speaking of Facebook, you can find actionchurch on Facebook (Here)

The service starts at 10:30 am. No need to dress up…just wake up and join us at Frank theaters (Directions) early to enjoy coffee, Maple Donuts, and a chance to hang with actionchurch folks.

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