Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-12

  • Here's another way that you can join actionchurch as we walk and serve at Relay for Life (June 17/18) support the team. #
  • Here's the story of why each year I try to motivate actionchurch folks to be part of Relay for Life: #
  • Why I'd like every Sunday morning at actionchurch to be like a trip to Lowes. #
  • Your present will eventually become your past…and affect your future!

    -Andy Stanley #

  • "Christian Leadership" that doesnt follow Jesus' teaching of leadership being service to others, is neither "Christian" or "leadership". #
  • Congrats to @richnjesus and his wife Diane for celebrating 26 years of marriage together today. Thanks for the great example Rich! #
  • Serving others when it's not convenient and they can't pay you back, doesn't just prove you love others- it causes that love to grow! #fb #
  • I always feel weird "pimpin' the podcast", :-) but if you missed it, check it out. (bonus tracks/ Michele & Gretchen) #
  • Lies don't last. #
  • Here's what's happening this week at actionchurch. Week two of replacing DISTORTION with truth from scripture: #
  • Kenna just emailed with a new count of 425 that we are expecting for breakfast at relay… Started at 150. We need EVERYONE'S help! #
  • Just saw the final draft of the keynote @josiahkatz put together for tomorrow at actionchurch. One slide made me spit soda when I read it:-) #
  • Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight! Psalm 32:1 //great reason to be happy today! #fb #

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