actionkidz update

Coming this Sunday, actionkidz will be kicking off a new summer teaching series called Dr. Tomorrow’s Robot Repair Shop which will continue through the months of June and July.  During the series, your kidz will learn how the parts of our bodies can remind us about the thoughts God wants us to think and the actions he wants us to take.  Dr. Tomorrow and his faithful assistant Gasket, will show how these different parts of our bodies can remind us to show love to others, be kind with our words, and so much more.

I am so thankful that actionchurch can offer such life changing lessons…in an environment that truly captivates your child’s attention and imagination every week!   As a dad of a seven year old, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the actionkidz crew for all she has learned…and how much she has come to love church!

Here’s some important things you should know about actionkidz that I would encourage you to pray for and support.

1.  Dr. Eric and Kari Brink will be moving in June, to begin serving a tour as surgeon on the Navy base in Japan.  Kari has been absolutely invaluable as the main teacher/leader of actionkidz for the last two years.  On a personal level, our family will miss their friendship and support, as they have been with us since the very beginning of Pre-launch actionchurch.  As a church, Kari will be VERY difficult to replace, and we are considering a variety of paid and volunteer options to fill the void left by their move.  Please take time to thank them for their service.  Also, we would love your prayers and support both financially and by volunteering to serve in the actionkidz are.

2.  Due to growth in both the toddler and main actionkidz areas.  There is a need to add an additional theater, involve more volunteers, and further seperate the age ranges of our actionkidz.  The great news is that it would allow us to have smaller class sizes, and the opportunity to make teaching more directly age appropriate.  The challenge will be that it will require even more volunteers…and even more funds to rent the additional theater and pay for more curriculum and equipment.  At our current rate of growth, this change will become VERY necessary for our fall season.

Thanks for being part of Loving God, Loving people, and taking action at actionchurch.  A very special thank you to all of our great actionkidz crew!  I fully believe you are doing some of the most important (and often unseen) work of the church.   Let’s gather as a church and offer our great crew the tools, prayer, and resources they need!


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