Here’s an update on how we are doing since our move to Frank Theaters three weeks ago.  If you’d like, you can also read this  update,  “Stuff we Need” from after the move.

Big Picture:  We are really blessed to be able to call Frank Theaters Queensgate our new Venue.  It’s hard to imagine that just three weeks ago we had our last service at Club 19…and that it was already being demo’d for remodel…and that there were already holes cut in the concrete floor that we had to block so that people didn’t fall in!    It’s important to remember that this has never been a “hey let’s move to a new venue for a change of scenery” kind of move. Instead, we’ve just pulled through a “if-God-doesn’t-provide-a-new-venue-we-are-finished-as-a- church” kind of move.  Every Sunday I thank God that instead of being unable to meet as a church, we are able to instead grow and introduce actionchurch to more people each week.

Stuff we are working on: 

 This Sunday we will be moving the cafe area down closer to our main auditorium entrance.   We are working to create a better “flow” and less congestion in our entry hall.

Children’s Ministry-  We are so thankful for all of you who have volunteered to be part of the actionkidz crew.  We still need more help as we work to create a schedule of crew members so that no one is “over-used” or worn out by being in the children’s area every week.  We are also working to refine how church for kidz works in a theater versus a night club.

We are still working on Sound and Lighting.  Last week we hired a sound man/system. The previous two weeks we were operating on gear borrowed from bands.  This week we will begin using our own gear that has been donated/borrowed/purchased.   We still need some stuff to finish out the system, but I am so thankful not only to have gear, but also to be able for the FIRST time to have the control of the sound coming out in the hands of actionchurch crew members!  That is a huge step for us.

Cha-cha-changes.   There is nothing more difficult in any organization than change.  We have experienced a lot of it in the last few weeks…and more is to come as we work to “improve our serve” in our new venue.  Many of our crew members have taken on different responsibilities.  We’ve been blessed with some great new crew members that to be honest I can’t imagine being without.  We still have some important areas that we are missing.   Thanks for your patience as we continue to “build a plane in the air”…as we continue to adjust to a new venue in a process that could have taken months to merely plan for!

Stuff we still need: 

We are still in need of a large box truck/local storage for our gear.  Jerry has been generously loaning us his bus…but with the addition of sound gear we are simply going to be out of space.

Sound gear:  We are still missing some pieces and parts for our sound system…but we are so blessed to even be able to say the words “our sound system”.  If you’d like to be a part of making actionchurch heard, we need approximately $2000 to finish the system.

Advertising.   There are so many opportunities to advertise actionchurch inside of the theaters during the week.  Thousands of people attend movies at the theaters each week.  We need funding to let them know that actionchurch happens there on Sunday mornings.

Lighting/Staging.    Everything we have purchased for the move is paid for.  That’s how we roll as a church…and it’s a pretty great way to live in general.  We currently do not have the funds for lighting and staging to finalize our set-up at the theater.  Lighting will dramatically improve the look, feel, and flow of Sunday mornings…but we are not going into debt to buy it.  

Thats where we are at.  I know that God clearly made a way for us to be where we are as a church in the past…and will continue to do so in the future.  You can be part of that!

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