Stuff we need:

I mentioned yesterday that we are still sourcing stuff for our move to Frank Theatres (Queensgate Stadium 13).    Here’s some of the stuff we need along with stuff we had to purchase so far:

Stuff we need:

Large Box Truck:  to haul and move church PA system, Lighting, Signage and Childrens stuff.   Best case scenario would be an used U-haul type truck with a roll up gate and a ramp so we can roll things in and out.

Box Truss for Lighting.  Two 8 foot sections.   Also need base plates. (2)  We have the lights sourced.  Just need the truss. and base plates. (links are for illustration purposes only)

PA system.   Over the next few weeks we are very blessed to be able to borrow and steal :-)  what we need.  After we find out the very best (and most economical) way to rock the theater we will need to purchase some items.   One thing we are looking forward to at the theaters is being able to create great sound with out the head rattling volumes of the club.  The theater was designed and tuned for great sound…you can help us make it happen.

Stuff we’ve purchased:  

New signage.  $1100.

Projectorsfor Children’s and adult services (this was our largest expense)  $4300.

Pipe and Drape  system for main theater.  (allows us to expand theatre seating up to 350 seats gradually.)  $600.

Two way radios so that children’s workers can communicate with the main auditorium.  $175.

New Children’s Curriculum designed for Theatres.  $400

So what can you do?  I’m glad you asked.   You could purchase an item we don’t have yet…or help sponsor one that we’ve already purchased.  Maybe you just happen to have a box truck or box truss laying around the house.  :-)    As a church we have been given the opportunity to share the message of Jesus with a huge new group of people.  We get the opportunity to continue to Love God, Love People, and Take action.   You could help us be seen and heard on Sunday mornings.

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