Moving To Frank Theatres (Queensgate Stadium 13)

“Sometimes you get to see the miracle…Sometimes you get to be the miracle.”   Author unknown.

 Thursday of last week  we finally got approval to make the brand new Frank Theatres Complex our new venue.  On Saturday we were able to tour the theatres and begin to plan how actionchurch will operate there.  Sunday we moved out of Club 19.   Since then Josiah has designed all new signage/branding  and Michele and I have been sucked into a whirl wind of Google searches and two day shipping, trying to source all the things we need for a service there on Sunday.  The pace is insane. There’s still a lot to be done, and even more things to try to figure out.

Here’s the thing that is SO clear through this whole transition period.  God is NOT surprised.  God is in control.  And, God is supplying everything we need…and he’s doing it through the people of actionchurch. 

Jerry has at this point booked four bands to play next Sunday 11/14.  Two of them canceled in the last week.  (Not to mention that we don’t yet have a PA/lighting system for them to play through yet :-))  On Sunday the guys from Thru Me agreed to play…and bring their PA system.  Someone else (Thanks Saj) has offered their PA for the following week.  Jerry loaned us his bus and too many other things to mention to make the move this week.  Many of you have stepped up your financial giving to make our purchases for the new venue possible.

We still have some pretty significant things that we need to do actionchurch at Frank Theatres.  One of them is a Box truck (uhaul moving type with a ramp)  to haul and store our equipment in during the week.  We need a new lighting system.   Because of our speedy moving schedule we desperately need folks to tell everyone they know that we’ll be meeting at a new time  (10:30) and a new place.  We don’t want anyone showing up Sunday at Club 19 at 11am.

I’d love for you to show up on Sunday at 10:30 and see the miracle…come see a church that was “almost homeless” last week, in a new venue that clearly exceeds anything we “deserve”.  Come see a church that most people in York county don’t know about…move in to a venue that exposes us to thousands of people EACH WEEK who may not yet know Jesus!   I’d love for you to come and “see the miracle”…but can you imagine how much better it can feel to actually “Be the miracle”?  You can be part of this miracle…everyone has something, or knows something that will be necessary for this move.  

Stay tuned here for more opportunities to “be the miracle”.

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