Sunday Recap: Building the Ark.

This week at actionchurch we asked the question “What is important when Disaster comes?”    If you had to flee for your life, what would be important enough to grab as you ran out the door? Most folks I asked said family…or pets…an occassional apple product.  Tyler said a banana :-)   When the flood came, the most important thing to Noah had to have been that he saved his family and the animals by Building the Ark.   When disaster and judgement came,  what was important was that he was obedient to God and persistantly continued building the ark for one hundred years!  

The story of Noah brings up several uncomfortable questions about how we live life as Christians today.  Is it enough to live “life as usual” and then pray for God to “fix it!” when trouble comes?   What is our responsibility to obey God and “build” a life that honors God?   Are we living life more like Noah(who devoted his life to persistently obeying God), or more like the people of Noah’s day (who went through life completely unprepared and unaware of the coming judgement)?   What is important when Judgement  comes?

It was the perfect spring day Sunday.  Glad to see all the folks who decided to come out to actionchurch.   I wish club 19 had a convertible top for days like yesterday.   (Retractable dome?  :-) )

The Historic on stage.  Started with “All along the watchtower”, ended with the old hymn “It is well”.  Nice…

Lots!!! of kids and babies yesterday.  I am so proud of what the actionkidz/toddlerz crew do each week.  Thanks so much to all of you.  It is so good to see new families come to actionchurch and be able to provide a great place for their children.

Announced this week that we need vocalists and musicians for an upcoming actionchurch house band lead by Jerry.  If you would like to try out email

Stay tuned this weeks for even more ways to Love God, Love people, and Take action.  There is a place for EVERY ONE of us to invest in this movement.

If you are feeling the pain and loss of dealing with disaster in your life remember these words.   1 But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and livestock with him in the boat…  Genesis 8:1a     God has NOT forgotten you!

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