Am I the only person that just realized that there are TWO reality shows on cable about hoarding?  TLC has it’s new show “Hoarding: Buried Alive”,and  A&E kicked it all off with “Hoarders”

I can’t say that I’ve watched a full episode of either show, but even a brief channel surfing stop reveals some seriously sad stories.  Each of the shows deal with trying to get people to let go of their “stuff”.  Each story is about how “stuff” that appears relatively worthless to others, becomes so important to the “hoarder” that it causes them to destroy relationships with family, lose their home, lose their health….and many other really sad and terrible losses. 

I wonder if most of us aren’t hoarders at heart?  I’m not pointing fingers, that’s a photo (above) of hundreds of Pez dispensers I “collect”  in my office coffee table.  Ever move to a larger place to make more room for “stuff”?  Ever decide not to move because you didn’t want to deal with all the “stuff”?   Ever build a new room, or remodel an existing room so that you could get more “stuff”?  …”Better Stuff”?  …Bigger “HD” Stuff?

I wonder if even more of us aren’t Hoarders IN our hearts?  How many of us are hanging on to “stuff” that harms us and robs us of our  relationships, happiness, and peace in life?  Bitterness?  Unforgiveness? Anger?  Fantasies of “getting even”?   Memories of really ugly “stuff” that we hold on to…even though others tell us we should just let it go?  Hoarding is damaging even if it’s well concealed.

So how do you know if you’re a hoarder?  (Other than if competing TV crews are filming your home?)   Having “stuff” doesn’t make you a Hoarder.   Stuff  “HAVING A HOLD ON YOU” just could be a problem…

Got any “stuff” that needs to GO away?   I know I do…

One thought on “"Hoarders"

  1. WOW, thank you so much for this post! I am a bit of a material hoarder, but definitely a ♥ hoarder as well :( This one hit home big time. I once heard if you hold a grudge against someone you allow that thing/someone to run you life! I have an easy time forgiving but can’t forget…does that mean I never really forgave at all??? hmmm…that’s a thinker!