Building the ark…

…so I found this old depiction of Noah and his sons building the ark.  I’m not sure why Noah’s boys  liked to work naked.  (A tool belt would have at least been helpful…in more ways than one…just sayin’.)   I’m sure they didn’t have even the “modern” tools (be good!) shown in this painting (1508-1517) from the Vatican.  Whether they worked “au naturel” or not I can’t imagine building something as massive as the ark with crude hand tools.  

Here’s something I keep thinking about: Noah and his sons BUILT the ark that saved their family, the animals, and the human race.   God warned them, prepared them, gave them instructions, but they were responsible for building the craft that saved them. 

What’s the largest thing you’ve ever built?   Car? Deck? Home? Model Death Star ?

Would you want to trust your life (and your family’s life) to something you built yourself?  :-)

More to come Sunday, 11am @actionchurch.

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