Sunday Recap: Revolution pt. 4


Today was the final week of  the Revolution series. We talked about the role of church in helping people “build” lives that will stand up to the storms of life and be “approved” by God…the ultimate “buiiding inspector”.  Like Home /Depot “says”…you can build it-we can help. 

The Highlights-

Chambered brought the heat today.  What a lineup.   “Afterlife” by avenged sevenfold- “Animal I have become” by 3 days grace- “Second Chance” by Shinedown…and finally the song I can’t get enough of right now…  “Life Line” by Papa Roach.  Unbelievable what these guys can do as a 3 piece…seriously heavy Rock n Roll!

We announced our next series starting next week. “A brand new Mii”.  The “Wii” set up we will be using at Club 19 is fantastic…next week is gonna be so much fun…tell your friends.

Thanks to Garrett for all his “Mii” artistry in creating “Mii’s for everyone…really funny to see everyone on the screen.

I found a site that makes custom “Mii”-shirts created one and wear your “Mii” on Sunday…  (link)

Steven (club owner ) had a couple of amplifiers in the pa “melt down”…I hope they aren’t “dead”.  Leave it to Chambered to “overpower” the power amps on SUNDAY MORNING.

StepBrothers “bunk bed” video clip today…Josiah did a great job of “editing” it to remove the f-bomb…ridiculously funny…and it reminds me of how many times we do something stupid and then say to God “that was a terrible idea…why did you let me do that?”

I love the story we talked about that Jesus told about the “two sons”  (Mathew 21:28-31)  Two things we can learn from the story.  God values “action” over words.  (deeds over creeds).   And God values the ending over the beginning. (It’s never too late to start over!)

I really enjoyed hearing from a couple of people with some really good insights about “actiongroups”…  God is definitely sending people with a passion for community and service…too cool!

Thanks to everyone who make actionchurch possible by investing, inviting and being involved…”revolution” the series may be over-but I have never been more certain that the REVOLUTION is just beginning.

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  1. I actually forgot I said that…Sometimes really dumb stuff comes to me…and I just say it. HA What made you think I was talking about “me” anyway…