"Lost Sheep"


I had someone stop me yesterday before the service and say he had read the “Story of the 99 sheep” and he believed that was what actionchurch “was all about”.  

Exactly.  Bingo…you got it!

It sums up the “Revolution” series really well.  God is willing to “leave” the 99 sheep in the story to find the one that is lost… he cares so deeply that he doesn’t want even ONE to wander away…he  rejoices more about the one he has “recovered” than the 99 that he already “had”.  If we “think” like the good shepherd (and actually follow him)  it is absolutely necessary that we accept EVERY sheep that he returns…that WE also value those that are “outside” more than those of us sheep on the “inside”…that we give with “no strings attached”.

Yet another reason that I am glad that we allow “feedback” through txting on Sunday mornings.  The best insights that happen on Sunday morning definitely don’t always come from the “stage”!

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