Why I came to actionchurch-Lori


I know that actionchurch is a “church men actually like” but I thought it would be nice to have a bit of a female perspective on the last year.  Lori has been serving in every area imaginable since we launched last February.  You probably know her from the actionchurch “cafe”  (shown above at Fat Daddy’s)    Here’s her reasons for being part of the action…


Top 7 reasons why I came to actionchurch one year ago


7. Do something to help others

6. Get a clearer sense of direction about my own purpose and how I could contribute to life

5. Connect with others who share some of my ideals about meaning of life and who support me whether we agree or not

4. Support a unique perspective on worship with rock music and relevant, open-minded, generous messages

3. Worship God to thank Him for helping me to survive the last two decades

2. Because I believed I would be accepted and valued just as I am ( not judged for how I dressed, how much money I didn’t have, or how imperfect I am)

1. Because I believed that my talents would be used to do something beautiful

Thank you Lori…you are valued…accepted…and most of all appreciated!

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