…it's the people!.

I tend to blog about the “stuff” that’s happening at actionchurch…but as I preached yesterday (doh)…it truly is the relationships and people that make up the thing we call “church”. John, Yvonne, Elijah, and Jared Featherstone have been part of the actionchurch story since the very beginning. I still remember telling John and Yvonne that we were starting a church in a nightclub…because they are from England they thought we were “mad” instead of “crazy” like our American friends did. Ironically we were sitting in their backyard when we got the phone call from the owners of Fat Daddy’s finalizing our deal to meet there. Yvonne is the creator of the actionkidz logo and all the amazing original characters that you see upstairs on Sunday Mornings. (one of her latest creations below). Elijah and Jared have had the chance to enjoy the actionkidz experience on Sunday mornings and Elijah even chose to write about in his kindergarten journal (Yvonne and journal above). The featherstones will be moving back to England in June to start a kennel business and settle into “farm life” in the country. Yvonne will continue to supply us with great characters and art online but we will miss our friends so much…
This is just one of the “stories” of the people of actionchurch…there are so many others…I just wanted to take a moment and “value relationships over just “getting stuff done”.

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