Sunday Recap: Game of life-2

Happy “mudders” day as our 4 year old Reagan says… Today we talked about busy-ness. I used “frogger” as a metaphor for our busy lives…dodge “cars” all day…and then come home and try to get across the river and not get eaten by an alligator…we are so busy we can’t stay on anything very long..and then we get up and do it again! I shared how Jesus doesn’t just want us to be better multi-taskers…but to actually get out of the game by “valuing relationships over getting stuff done”. I challenged our people to “help a mother out” as mothers struggle with busy-ness more than anyone…and have the potential to miss some of the most valuable relationship.

  • Gave out Panera Bread Gift cards to moms…”Thanks a Latte’, Moms!”
  • Brain Neal and Band on Stage. Covered “When Love comes to Town” and Nickelback “If everyone cared” we really appreciate those guys coming out on Mothers day and rocking hard!
  • Crowd was down a little bit today…we are opposite of most churches in so many ways…we actually have less people on holidays. I love the fact that every week we have new people…most often brought by their friends…very cool.
  • This series seems to be really connecting with peoples lives! I have had the greatest conversations each week…these are definitely issues that we are ALL dealing with!
  • Thanks to the people who helped tear down today…I know everyone had mothers day plans…thanks for staying and working so hard.
  • We had 9 screens running today…next week it should be 11! I love seeing all the flat screens “lit up” with actionchurch graphicsyeehaw!
  • Reagan and I took Michele out to Olive Garden after church…they said it would be an hour wait and we got a table in less than five minutes…was it a “the favor of God”? (dozens of other people waiting)…or did we have a defective “flashing pager thingy”? Awesome…now I know how celebrities feel.
  • I am so thankful for another week at actionchurch…I love our people, and I would definitely attend even If I weren’t the pastor…It doesn’t get much better than that!

I’m an idiot! I’m watching the Darlington Race I tivo’d from last night…and I just forgot this wasn’t “live” and clicked over to nascar online and saw who won…argh…I’ve got to go punch myself in the head.

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