I’m feeling a little deja vu this morning… My friend Matt is in town for the the actionchurch launch , and I’m tying up a few tiny details, but basically I’m relaxing and waiting for tomorrow…

It reminds me of 2.09.90…exactly 18 years ago. I was pretending to tie up last minute details (In reality Michele did all the planning-some things never change). I had butterflies in my stomach and no idea what was going to happen, but I was looking forward with everything in me to marrying Michele the next day.

Regrets? I’ve got a few…I regret that haircut… I regret buying that stupid BMW…(I couldn’t afford it and it always broke down) but I will never regret marrying Michele! I had no ideas the highs and lows we would experience, but I love her more today than then…I think she might actually be hotter today too…(she hates when I say that).

18 years later Michele and I and all the actionchurch crew are starting out on a brand new adventure…I have no idea what will happen, what highs and lows we will experience…but I know that after tomorrow things will never be the same…

One thought on “2.09.08

  1. Praying for you guys…”God I pray for an amazing day tomorrow. I ask that you infuse Don with passion and vision as he speaks your Word! I pray that their team would unified…working together to be catalyst for life change. I pray that you would remove all of the barriers that would keep people from hearing what you want them to hear. God, thank you that Don and Michelle have been obedient to your call. Protect them. Bless them. Sustain them! In Jesus’ name I pray…amen”