Sunday afternoon high lights.

I think this picture kind of sums up our launch day. After all the wind and rain overnight and the weather forecast for snow squalls this morning…the sun popped out as I was setting up the tent at 7:30 before the crew showed up at 8. It may have looked like an empty nightclub parking lot to people passing by…but it felt a lot like heaven to me.

Here’s the highlight reel:

  • We had a great lot of help setting up from Friendship Community Church! You guys rock!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!
  • Several “new” people (like anyone is an “old timer”) stayed to help tear down.
  • We had 120+ people in service…about 100 were “ours”…I am excited about what this means as we build toward Easter.
  • Response to our new “survey cards” was great! Lots were filled out and the comments were awesome…I didn’t even get a single person named “Phil McCracken or Ben Dover”…you had to be there.
  • The single highest response to “how did you hear about us was”… Radio! Way to go 105.7 the X. Our only paid advertisement was on radio and I really think it is a good medium for us. We will be running more (new) ads next week. We did not do any mailings or newspaper ads…
  • The single most generous thing anyone has ever done for actionchurch came from the owners of Fat Daddy’s…I am literally speechless.
  • No offering, no hardsell, no problem…our people absolutely stepped up to support actionchurch!
  • Clean Slate rocked as usual…can’t wait til they play again March 2nd. They absolutely nailed Alterbridge “Rise today”.
  • My computer SUCKS!!!! My windows crashed with only 5 minutes until the service started at 11. We started two minutes late but our video was up…we did end on time though. (12 noon)
  • Great response on the cards to people wanting to help set up or in actionkidz. YEAH!
  • I love preaching at actionchurch…next week is gonna be even better!

2 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon high lights.

  1. I am so excited for you Don! Sounds like you had an awesome Sunday…praise God. I look forward to hearing the reports of changed lives in the coming weeks and months.

    Keep pushing those boundaries.

  2. Sounds like you had a great Sunday, praise God! I look forward to the reports of changed lives in the coming weeks and months.

    Keep pushin’ those boundaries!