"Vision Test"

Imagine you have two minutes to tell tens of thousands of people about your church…right now! That situation happened to me this week. I had the opportunity to do a phone in with Nipsey, Jen, and Earl of the Peoples Morning Show this week. I knew it would be pre-recorded but I thought the call would happen on Thursday or Friday. On Wednesday morning I got a call…”Can you go on now?”

I suck at “sales”. I have tried at sales jobs several times in life and I always turn into “Tommy Boy”…and fail. Fortunately actionchurch is simple to explain. It’s not complicated. Our vision is clear. We are the church for people who don’t like church. We’re loud, we meet in a nightclub, don’t take ourselves too seriously…but we take Jesus very seriously.

If you can’t explain it on a moments notice in less than a minute…no one’s going to remember it anyway.

The phone in should run in the 7-8am hour on 105.7 the x.

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