We watched our neighbors house burn down last night. The fire trucks came but the house was a complete loss. As I stood helplessly by with people from the neighborhood we kept saying the same phrase, “Wow, it’s scary how fast that house burned.” Although we were happy that everyone had gotten out safely, I think we all were thinking the same thing… In a matter of about fifteen minutes, everything we own could be burned up.
All the stuff we saved for. All the stuff we went in debt for. All the stuff we neglect our families to pay for. All the stuff we’re proud of. All the stuff that entertains us. All the stuff that gives us “status” in the community. All the stuff that we think we can’t live without…. can disappear in smoke literally in minutes.
I’m so glad I now have “investments” in relationships, people, and heaven that can never burn up! Now…we must find out how we can help our neighbors.

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