I just changed our “coming soon message” on I remember when I first posted the original “six questions” back in March. Coming from a church background, I remember thinking, “can I really ask these questions?” and “Shouldn’t I have a “doctrinal statement” posted somewhere?” “Is it “legal” to have a church website without having 27 scriptural references and a “vision statement?”. In the end I chose to post the true dream of actionchurch. I chose to ask questions instead of giving “answers”. I decided that people who looked for a church based on “doctrinal statements” wouldn’t like us very much anyway. In fact I have come to believe that basing our religious affiliations on “believing the same” instead of “pursuing a common mission” is probably one of the most detrimental things that has happened to Christianity over the centuries. It tends to make us as evangelicals pompous “know-it-alls” instead of the humble servant/leaders of humanity that Jesus envisioned as the Church.

The original six questions have now become three. Not because the dream has changed, but because I believe we must constantly simplify and clarify our vision. Our mission is not to “speak”, but to be heard and understood.

If we truly believe:

  • That church was meant to be more than “seminary on the weekends”.
  • That God didn’t just move in “Bible times”.
  • That “Bible Characters” were people just like us who obeyed and believed the Creator when he spoke.
  • That God desires and invites us to be part of his kingdom plan for earth (set in motion by Jesus)

If we truly believe those things…it will change the way we view and “do” church. We will accept and welcome everyone-no matter where they are on their journey with God. We will value “doing” good over “looking” good. We will value transformation over information. We will not lecture, we will lead. We will truly become the church of “a little less talk, and a lot more action”.

One thought on “Simplifying

  1. Don, I stumbled upon your blog this morning and I am excited for Action Church! I appreciate this post. I think the Church focuses more on looking cool with great slogans, mission statement, and vision statements, than by just “being the church”. I felt that same pressure when we were dreaming and planning what our church would look like. I love what you are doing with serving the community!!!