York Fair update

We are now three weeks away from the York Fair (beginning September 7th) Here’s an update:

  • As you probably guessed from the picture we will be giving away Dunkin Donuts Premium Coffee. We have formed a relationship with the local franchise(s) owner and they will be supplying us really great coffee (including their cups and lid as pictured) for a really great price! We will also be serving Dunkin Donuts coffee and Donuts in our Sunday Morning Gatherings. Yum! I feel really blessed to be able to give such a quality gift to our neighbors at the Fair!
  • We will be giving away black actionchurch.com balloons to “kids” of all ages…They are gonna look great.
  • On Saturday the 8th we will be displaying the “actionchurch racecar” at our tent!
  • Michele, Reagan, and I will be “carnys for the week”. The Record family will be at the Fair for all ten nights. We are looking forward to meeting lots of new people!
  • I am “pimping the tent” with a flat-screen monitor and some lighting…more on that later.
  • We will be able to tell people where we will be meeting when they ask….YEAH!
  • We have the opportunity to tell 600,000+ people that “yes Jesus loves them”, yes, his people do too, and perhaps their ideas of what a church can be are all “wrong”!

Want to join us? info@actionchurch.com

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