The first actiongroups planning meeting was held this past Thursday.  The meeting was a great time of fellowship and learning.  During this meeting we discussed the vision for actiongroups.  Below is a link to “The Basics” about actiongroups.  I hope everyone will review the document and get excited about actiongroups!

The Basics

Sunday Recap: Mythbusters pt 2

Welcome to the new actionchurch dot com! Today was the second week of the Mythbusters series. I compared Bible knowledge to money. If you don’t have any…you’re in big trouble…but “more” doesn’t necessarily mean better. Just like money, Bible knowledge is “worthless” unless it is used to provide for yourself or others. It’s a privilege and a great tool. Like money, you can either help people or enslave people with Bible knowledge…you “can’t take it with you”…so unless you use it to “build your house on the rock”, its wasted.    Because Tim Tebow wrote John 3:16 on his face that verse became the most searched phrase on the Internet this week.  Some would say the fact that people had to google John 3:16 shows just how “biblically” illiterate we are as a nation…I tend to think it shows just how “accessible” the Bible is in our society.  The big question is-millions of people read “John 3:16” perhaps for the first time this week…does that mean next week churches will be packed with millions of new followers of Jesus?  

The Highlights:

  • Really icy this morning…we had to close our main parking lot at the club because it was on a hill…and a solid sheet of ice.  Thanks to all of you that braved the weather and then had to park and walk!  Good crowd in spite of the weather.
  • Because of the weather our band (the Gulls) didn’t make it until 10:20…almost everyone on the actionchurchcrew is playing or has played in a band so we had a lot of musicians standing by…just not much preparation :-)   After a very quick soundcheck they hit the stage on time and put on a great set.  I really dig the “Gulls, Gulls, Gulls”

2 macs and 1/2 of a pc

  • Check out two Macs and 1/2 a PC working together”in perfect harmony”…the right side of my monitor “died”…what a week.
  • I depend on our crew more each week…had a difficult topic to try to discuss…difficult circumstances with the weather and all the equipment problems we’ve had this week…yet the service went off without a hitch.  Thanks to all of you for your dedication, actionchurch would not happen without you.
  • I am loving having txt messages coming in again.  I’ll be putting the ones we didn’t get to up on “TXT Tuesday”.  Keep ’em coming…I love the fact that Sundays are becoming more of a “conversation” and less of a monologue…
  • I always feel “overwhelmed” when we tackle a series of really BIG questions like we have with Mythbusters…I always drive away thinking “I missed that”…or ” I wish I would have thought to say that”.  Asking questions and challenging “conventional wisdom” is messy…but I think it’s one of the most important things we can do on Sundays at actionchurch. 
  • I think I said that Tim Tebow was from the Dolphins this morning…I’m a football idiot.  Yes, he’s a gator…and yes I am looking forward to the “24”  premiere instead of the Steelers game :-)  I’m speaking at a “football themed” men’s retreat in a couple of weeks…that should turn out great.
  • Make sure and “click around” the rest of the new site while you are “here”.  Lots of new stuff…and a history of “old stuff.   I am so freakin excited to finally have a site that “looks like” actionchurch.  Thanks Josiah!!!